Uncharted 4 || Assorted Props

Amy payne mw artifact tray w key text
Amy payne mw artifact notebook page 01
Amy payne mw filing cabinets text
Amy payne mw mosaic icon single
Amy payne mw metal door single
Amy payne mw bed marvelous single text
Amy payne mw cave controller single

These are a collection of props that I either assisted with or created while working on Uncharted 4. The archaeological tray, filing cabinets, and bed were team efforts. While I generally came in to help with texturing, I was only in charge of cloth simulation for the bed. The door, ship wheel, triptych, and notebook page were handled by me from start to finish. All texturing (excluding the notebook page) was done using Substance Designer. The notebook was handled using Photoshop. Rendering done in Marmoset Toolbag.

June 11, 2016