Below is a selection of work I made for Uncharted 4 while working at Mindwalk Studios. I was responsible for multiple aspects of asset creation throughout the project. All material creation and asset texturing was done inside of Substance Designer using the clients Substance library. I was also responsible for rendering out Mindwalk's Uncharted 4 portfolio, which you can find here.

Responsible for creating the below material generators using Substance Designer.

Responsible for creating the full asset from cloth simulation in Marvelous Designer, to texturing in Substance Designer.

Responsible for baking and texturing the wood frame of the below bed.

Responsible for multiple portions of asset creation for the below assets, ranging from full creation to just texturing. Unless otherwise labeled, the asset was created from greybox.

Assisted in texturing the outside of the plane, and textured the interior walls and floors of the cabin.

Responsible for texturing the deck, cabin, and engines of the boat.

Responsible for texturing each pirate.